Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A salon

Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

It is common knowledge that the bride should always be the star of her wedding. Everyone waits for her in her white gown and praises how beautiful she looks, especially if her hair and makeup are done right. So, the salon in charge of her bridal makeup must do a good job, or else the bride might regret what is supposed to be the best day of her life.

We only get to get married for the first time once. So, every aspect and detail of the wedding must be well-thought-of to make memories that will last a lifetime. One aspect of the wedding that brides should always consider is which salon they would choose to do their bridal makeup.

You may have already built a gallery containing different kinds of looks that you want to achieve on your wedding day. However, not all makeup looks and techniques are the same. To help you choose which type of bridal makeup you should do on your wedding day, here is a list for you to look over:


HD Makeup is a popular option for celebrities. It is a type of makeup that shows off your natural look. 

The main goal of this makeup type is to eliminate skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone, scars, visible pores, and blemishes without resulting in a “blurry face” or a “cake face.”

This style is perfect for brides who always want to look picture-perfect during their day. The makeup products used in this type contain reflective particles like quartz, crystals, mica, or silicone, spreading out light and covering imperfections.

Out of all the makeup types, professionals prefer this the best because it can give you a flawless and soft look. It is also not heavy on the face because it uses a light foundation and loose powder.


This makeup technique makes use of an airbrush instead of your typical brushes, blenders, and sponges. The products are sprayed on your face using an air gun or an air compressor in thin layers. Because it does not apply many products in one go, it takes the shape of your skin features, making your face look flawless.

One good thing about this type of makeup is that it looks natural on camera and in real life. It may also last for up to 12 hours, in addition to being waterproof. So, if your wedding is going to be the wedding of the century with lots of partying, this must be the type of makeup that you could try!

Moreover, airbrush makeup is also perfect for sensitive to healthy skin because your skin will not contact brushes or sponges used by other people. The only downside is, if the salon you booked is not so experienced with airbrush makeup, it may look cakey, heavy, and artificial. 

So, make sure to choose the best salon in town if you want to have airbrush makeup for your wedding.


From the name itself, mineral makeup uses products containing minerals such as talc, zinc oxide, and iron oxide that are ground and milled into smaller particles. Generally, the products used are fragrance-free and preservative-free— perfect for sensitive skin and is prone to breakouts.

Because natural mineral ores are used, this makeup type is characterized by giving your face an illuminating finish. Considering that it does not use synthetic dyes or substances, it still gives off highly pigmented natural color from the minerals.

Out of the bridal makeup types, this must be the safest as products contain SPF, perfect for outdoor weddings and shoots.


Referred to by makeup artists as “second skin” makeup, this type of makeup makes your skin look perfect even if it is not. It makes use of shadows and highlights to enhance your features rather than perfecting your flaws.

As the name suggests, this makeup type is all about using as little product as possible to ensure that you still show your natural features.

If you want to be a carefree bride on your wedding day, this may be the makeup type that is perfect for you. You would not have to worry about multiple layers of makeup wearing off because you only have a little product on your face. And the results are definitely subtle, minimal, and effortless.

Makeup artists say that this type of makeup is perfect if your wedding is held during the spring or the summer. 


High-shine makeup is characterized by a glossy, illuminating, and shiny finish. This makeup technique uses lots of highlighters and liquid products while using fewer powder products.

It uses gold, bronze, or copper for medium to dark skin tones and champagne or silver colors for brides with fair complexions. Essential oils, highlighters, and illuminators are highly utilized in this makeup to achieve a glossy finish. Glitter is sometimes added to the face to give more bling.

Because there has been a recent trend of embracing ‘90s products such as lip gloss, the high shine makeup has also been booming. This makeup is perfect for individuals who have dry skin and want a more reflective makeup finish.


Opposite to the high shine makeup discussed previously, matte makeup leans to an oil-free, shine-free, and radiance-free finish. Instead, it gives a velvet finish that pulls light into your face, usually with a powdery texture.

The goal in this makeup is to minimize an oily look, thus, perfect for brides with combination to oily skin. From the primers to foundations to pigments, all products used are mattifying to hide flaws and give a porcelain finish.

One advantage of matte makeup, aside from a comfortable look, is that it lasts for a long time, even without frequent touch-ups.


There are different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best bridal makeup for you, such as your:

  • Skin Type

Skin type is a factor to consider because different makeup types also use different kinds of products. If you want to achieve high-shine makeup but have oily skin, you might consider choosing other options as it may not look great. Oily skin plus glossy products may result in an overly oily finish that will be visible in all your wedding photos.

So, make sure that the look you want to achieve is also suitable for your skin type.

  • Budget

Some makeup types can be pricey because they use unique products and equipment (e.g., HD makeup and Airbrush makeup). But, you may score lower prices on these if your makeup artist is still an amateur. Although the risk that they may not perform as well as professional makeup artists is always there.

So, budget is also one thing to determine. For sure, all makeup artists want to make you beautiful on your wedding day, regardless if they are amateur or professional. Budget is just a matter of their experience, the products and equipment they use, and maybe their availability and proximity to your area.

Remember to compensate them well and pay accordingly!

  • Area

As mentioned earlier, the proximity of the makeup artist is also a factor. So, if you have a hard time finding an experienced makeup artist in your area, you may book a nearby salon. The makeup artists in these places are indeed experienced as they have dealt with numerous customers before.

And, you would not have to travel far and search for “the makeup artist” because you have a lot to choose from who are just waiting to do your makeup in their salon.

Now that you are more knowledgeable about the different types of bridal makeup that you may do on your wedding day, you are now ready to book a salon. Many salons in your area may have different deals, so make sure to check them out! 

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