Save Your Marriage Using Only Neurotoxins

Save Your Marriage Using Only Neurotoxins

In recent years, Neurotoxins have received huge attention from beauty lovers and media for its capability to address different types of skin concerns. This ranges from brow lines, fine lines, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet to over sweating issues and migraines. Recently, neurotoxins have shown their effects on saving a marriage and loved relationships. Find out below how do they do it?

Annoying Wrinkles Showcase the Wrong Mood:

The emotions of individuals are showcased by the facial expressions. With a constant journey of expressing feelings with certain facial expressions, it becomes a permanent feature of the face by creating wrinkles at certain ages. Smile lines are necessary during expressions but constant staying expressions can showcase negative impressions during wrong times. Bowl-shaped eyes may make you look sad or tired, brow lines make you look worried and frown lines with deep creases around the mouth will make you look tensed or angry. These facial expressions may wrongly set the tone and develop an improper perception of your behavior. The wrinkles and other aging factors may show you as a different person than you are. Individuals suffering from such factors may get significant benefit from the neurotoxin products.

How Do Neurotoxins Work?

Injections of neurotoxins act by temporarily inhibiting the nerve cells that stimulate the related muscles to contract. This will lead to the weakening of facial movements that lead to wrinkles. As these muscles are weakened, the individual will be able to express the emotions with a subtle appearance. The effects start immediately after the administration of injections and the results are visible in around 2 weeks. The results will be temporary and individuals will have to repeat the procedure in 3 to 4months as per the schedules from the expert. This is due to two reasons; firstly, the body will metabolize the products naturally and break them down in some time: Secondly, muscles will start to regain links to the linking nerves. As the messaging starts again, all the wrinkles and fine lines will start to reappear.

Which is the Best Age to Start Receiving Neurotoxin Injections?

Due to their benefits, neurotoxin injections are received by individuals of all ages. It is used as a preventive feature in people of 20-30 age to negate the chances of wrinkles and fine lines being appearing on the skin. If the probable regions are treated before visibility of fine lines and wrinkles there will be a significant reduction of the damage that it may cause before the aging signs kick in. Some others start the treatment in the ’30-the the 40s when the aging factors start to appear and mask their looks. People in the ’50-the ’60s are the higher percentage groups that receive neurotoxin injections to rejuvenate the damaged skin. They prove to be a beneficial treatment for all ages to prevent the wrinkles from spoiling your appearance but finding a key place in saving the relationship issues.

Different Types of Neurotoxins:


Botox is an FDA approved treatment for reducing frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. It reduces the contractions of nearby muscles and relaxing them to avoid the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox procedure is a simple, quick treatment and no downtime procedure when performed under expert supervision. There will be minimal or no discomfort for the majority of patients during the procedure but may apply numbing cream if needed. There will visible results in fading off wrinkles in around 48 hours with the result lasting up to 3-4 months. It is not a permanent treatment and is suggested to take regular treatments to maintain the expected results. It is ideal for treating all regions but best for small ones like crow’s feet.


Dysport is also an FDA-approved injectable Neurotoxin that is employed to temporarily negate the moderate to severe frown lines or brow lines. Dysport is also a quick and simple procedure that takes only 10-20 mins for completion and visible results in a couple of days. Dysport injections will help showcase the results for about 4 months. Due to its high rate of diffusion, it makes it suitable for treating large regions like foreheads but with larger product usage. This is ideal for getting quick treatments due to its faster onset times.


Xeomin has the unique feature of not mixing BoNT-A with complex proteins. Due to this, the neurotoxin does not require to be kept in a refrigerator giving more comfort during the procedure. Xeomin costs the same as Dysport and Botox but only a few units may be required to get the desired result. It is suitable for patients who are resistant to Dysport and Botox and will achieve results due to the purified state of BoNT-A.


Juneau is also a purified Botulinum toxin formula type A that can temporarily negate the appearance of moderate to severe lines. But as the product is relatively new proven data is restricted to some trials that have shown it to be safe and usable similar to Botox injections. The results are visible in 3 to 5 days and remain for up to 6 months as Botox. The administration and repetitive treatments must be followed similar to Botox. But the nature of this product may make it available at an affordable price than others.

Bottom Line:

Neurotoxin injections have created a difference in treating wrinkles. However, these injections must be given appropriately since overdoing them can lead to an emotionless face. It is key to take this treatment from an experienced aesthetic expert who designs a specific plan according to your issues and requirements. They will have the knowledge and experience in using the appropriate product, dosage, and exact place of administering the injections. Are the wrinkles and fine lines bothering you and showing inappropriate signs in your relationships? Get rid of the issues at the key areas and save your marriage using neurotoxins by consulting the aesthetic expert Dr. Rosy Sandhu at RSkinBar to determine which treatment is best for you.

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