The Ultimate Guide to Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

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You may be following rigorous workouts with a clean diet but without any significant effects  on reducing the body fat in some specific regions in the body. The majority of patients will  have the fear of extensive surgical body fat removal techniques like liposuction due to their  invasive nature, downtime, and some adverse effects. Thanks to advancements in medical  science, some non-surgical body sculpting procedures offer effective results without any  invasive procedures. 

Non-surgical body sculpting procedures: 

There are many types of procedures available for fat reduction and non-surgical body  contouring using modern technologies. They are designed to eliminate the fat cells that are  present just below the skin without doing any harm to the skin surface. Hence, it is key to  perform thorough analyses of the skin clinic and its facilities before deciding on choosing a  specific one. Check for the reviews for the after results from the clinic and ensure that you  are comfortable in the initial conversation. As the process of eliminating fat cells happens  naturally in the body, results are seen in two or more weeks. Once the results are achieved,  results are permanent and can be sustained with a good diet and regular workouts. 

Advantages of non-surgical body sculpting: 

The popularity of non-surgical body sculpting is because of the following reasons: ∙ The majority of people do not go for surgical fat reduction options due to the time  needed to stay in hospitals. Non-surgical body sculpting methods provide the  treatment within no time and there will be no downtime involved after the treatment. ∙ With surgical procedures, there would be some type of complications involved during  and after the treatment. Hence people would not want to take them, especially for  only cosmetic reasons. 

∙ The effectiveness of non-surgical body sculpting techniques has been the major  reason for people who worry about invasive procedures. 

Major non-surgical body sculpting procedures

Trusculpt ID: 

Trusculpt ID is a non-surgical procedure that will aid patients to eliminate stubborn fat  in regions that do not respond to even clean diet and exercise. This method eliminates  the fat by going inside the skin by using energy pulses. This energy is generated by a  precise “Monopolar” radiofrequency machine which is different from other  procedures that make use of temperature to freeze the fat cells. Trusculpt ID is proven  to be safe and effective in eliminating around 24 percent fat in a precise region with  the ability to reduce fat in any region of the body. 

∙ Along with the ability to eliminate the fat cells, this procedure will treat the cellulite  problems and skin tightening advantage. So, it can yield body sculpting and smoothing  results along with fat reduction benefits. This treatment takes only 15 minutes which  is not similar to other procedures that usually take around 30 minutes to an hour. With  the handheld device, this machine will act on many regions across the body even in  complex areas. While even 15 minutes of sessions are fine for a few people, others  may need multiple sessions to get the required results. 

∙ Trusculpt ID acts by generating heat to deep dermal layers that cause fat cells to die.  As fat cells are eliminated, they are expelled from the body via a natural metabolic 

process leading to a reduction in overall body appearance. Even though the reduction  in cell size begins immediately it may take a few days to showcase the complete  results. But as the procedure is non-invasive, there will be no requirement of  anesthetics during the procedure. 

∙ This treatment does not involve any downtime and you can go back to your routine  within no time after completing the procedure. Some patients may feel the treated  region to be sensitive to touch for a few days. But the discomfort is reduced greatly  with the cutting-edge monopolar radiofrequency employed in the advanced Trusculpt  ID since the majority of energy is absorbed by the fat and not the skin. 

Inmode Evolve: 

Evolve my Inmode provides non-surgical body contouring via its 3 unique treatments: Evolve  Trim, Evolve Tite, and Evolve Tone. Patients can achieve desired body contouring with non invasive, no visible mark, and minimal downtime procedure. Evolve by Inmode employs  radiofrequency to eliminate fat, define muscles, address cellulite, and eliminate  imperfections at the specific regions in the body. Radiofrequency energy in Evolve by Inmode can provide a fat reduction in the target region, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening issues  when performed by expert professionals. Another advantage of this procedure is that you will  be able to target multiple regions of the body during a single treatment session and get the  desired result. Regions of the body that respond well to Evolve technology include Hips, abs,  thighs, arms, flank, and waist. 

∙ Evolve trim makes use of an accurate blend of vacuum and radiofrequency energy to  offer subtle results in the skin and fibrous parts that lead to the formation of cellulite.  This technology employs short bursts of high voltage energy that are usually painless  to repair the fat cell walls causing their permanent death in the region. These dead  cells are eliminated by the natural metabolic process of the body from the lymphatic  system. 

∙ Evolve Tite employs the same radiofrequency energy to correct the loosened skin  problem caused by rapid weight loss, pregnancy, and the aging process. This is  achieved by promoting the growth of collagen in the body and generate natural skin  rejuvenation. 

∙ Evolve Tone offers encouragement to muscles in aiding them to grow toned.  Regardless of your ability to enhance the growth of muscles in any region or getting  well-defined abs, this treatment will aid you in achieving your goal. It is suggested to  continue a full-body fitness program to get a healthy body and maintain these results  for a longer time. 

Bottom line: 

Are you looking for getting a well-sculpted body by evening out the imperfections? opt for  advanced non-surgical body contouring treatments at RSkin Bar. We design a customized  treatment plan for every patient and aid you in accomplishing the aesthetic goals.

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