Exilis – Everything That You Need To Know About This Treatment

Exilis - Everything That You Need To Know About This Treatment

Exilis may be one of those treatments that you are not familiar with. It is not the type of therapy that is most famous, like Laser resurfacing, Sculptra, and more. However, this treatment has the same purpose. If you want to know more facts about Exilis, this time is the best. 

All About Exilis

Exilis is a no-pain and no-downtime treatment that works for combining a non-invasive fat removal treatment, body contouring, and skin tightening. It helps improve and tone your skin’s texture by reducing the unwanted parts of fat in your body. This part happens through radiofrequency technology. You must complete a series of sessions with Exilis to encourage collagen growth and lessen those unwanted fats. You wouldn’t want to miss anything with Exilis because all your payment may get nulled if not correctly followed. 

How Does it Work?

For those new to the method, the first question is how does it work? Exilis is a monopolar radiofrequency device. That means it is safe with its electrical energy delivered through the Exilis handpiece. A grounding pad will be placed on your back during the treatment, ensuring that everything is safe for its delivery. While on the treatment, radiofrequency energy will start to flow from the treatment towards the tip of your skin. It should warm up your skin to about 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. Now, with this temperature, your collagen starts to encounter some changes. Then, after some weeks and months, the new collagen gets stimulated. This process leads to helping you improve your skin texture, wrinkles, and laxity.

Areas That it Can Treat

For your information, Exilis is an FDA-approved skin firming and toning treatment that you can use in various areas. You name it, in the face or the body. Exilis is okay with that. The common parts of treatment on your face include the jowls and neck, where you use them to tighten your skin and reduce its fullness. It is one of the best procedures to help you achieve your tightening and toning goals. You can also use it on your abdomen, arms, thighs, and flanks. These processes help you slim and improve your texture because of aging.

How Long Does it Last?

Clients have reported that they have seen the results after one session. Though, Exilis will let you see all the best outcomes for about ninety days after your body grows new collagen. Take note that if you maintain a healthy weight, results will last for about three to four years. Now, that makes Exilis the most cost-effective treatment for body shaping or contouring. Also, results of Ultherapy, when compared, take longer to show. But there will be an instant outcome rarer than the latter. You may start to notice the changes also after two to three months. And, it could take you up to six months before you can see the results in whole terms.

How Many Treatments To Get?

The most recommended number of treatments that you can get will vary. But it would be best to go over a series of therapies for best results. Exilis has typically performed four to six sessions two to four weeks apart. Still, this matter will depend on whether you want to lose fat, tighten your skin, or a combination of both. 

Exilis Downtime

As mentioned, there should be no downtime with Exilis. Unlike those other skin tightening devices, there is no downtime that you must take after the treatment. Also, the skin will appear normal without any inflammation or therapy. However, you may feel warm to the touch, or your skin may look pink for a few minutes after the session. 

Is it Pain-Free?

Yes, Exilis is entirely pain-free. There are no numbing creams or anesthetics that you will need or anything. All that you will feel is a warm sensation, like those in a hot stone massage! You may feel some discomfort with other treatments that your doctor may recommend. 

Best Candidate For The Treatment

Patients who have good skin elasticity are the ones who are the best candidate. That’s because they can respond more quickly and readily with the therapy. Thus, younger patients may have some dramatic responses. Patients with a poor skin texture may need more treatments. 

Any person that seeks skin tightening or mild body contour without surgery will benefit from Exilis. So, if you are aiming to get pain and hassle-free treatment, then go with Exilis now. You can start setting your schedule with your nearest provider for more details. 

Exilis & Ultherapy

While these two treatments get compared, there’s one thing that you must know. Results from Ultherapy will have a more subtle appearance than those who tried Exilis. Some patients may notice a few improvements in their skin. With Exilis, you can see a great outcome every time you push the treatment. 

For your information, studies found out that only 65% of patients reported that they see some improvements a few months after Ultherapy treatment. On the other side, there are no significant side effects for people who undergo Exilis treatment. There might be a mild or temporary tingling feeling, slight redness, or warm skin after it. But, all of these effects will subside within twenty minutes. 

Furthermore, clients stated that there is no discomfort or pain like mentioned above. So, the combination of long-lasting effects with no downtime makes it safe. You can expect to have an effective and time-efficient option for any gender that will go through the method. It would be best to consult anything first with your physician, as we’ve always said.

You would want to make sure that things are safe with you in general. Doctors or Physicians of your healthcare provider may request an initial evaluation for your safety. Though it is not a major surgery, you can expect this process to help you attain your goal. 

Nonetheless, everything goes safe with Exilis! Good luck! May you get the results that you desire in quick minutes. Set an appointment now and visit your trusted provider with Exilis. Keep this article for you to guide the overall process as well!

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