15 Acne Cleansing Facial Lessons That Will Pay Off

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Every person dreams of glowing and flawless skin but with several advanced treatments in the market, get confused as to which one to adapt. Acne is a common skin problem that affects the face, chest, neck, and back regions that contain the majority of oil glands. While teenagers get affected by acne severely, it can affect anyone regardless of their age and gender. But thankfully, clear skin can be achieved if a person follows certain efficient skincare routines for his specific skin types problems.

Acne Cleansing Facial Lessons That Will Pay Off:

1. Be Kind to Your Skin: 

Many strong scrubs and skin products can lead to annoying skin issues. They can also remove moisture from the skin increasing skin issues. Be kind to the skin and use gentle products. Take care to not use water which is too hot or too cold. Lukewarm water is best suited for cleaning the face. Do not scrub the skin hardly that may cause bacteria to spread and enhance the infection. This will aggravate the acne issues and make it look worse with increased redness and breakouts.

2. Do Not Employ too Many Products: 

Never use more products one upon another as it can be harsh on the skin. This may increase the issue and lead to increased breakouts and clogged pores. Use a mild product that is oil-free and alcohol-free.

3. Don’t Try to Pop Pimples:

Popping pimples can cause the infection to spread deep into the skin, causing more redness and swelling and also spots on the skin. If you get a large pimple before an important event, then consult a skin specialist and get appropriate treatment with reduced risks.

4. Avoid Touching Your Face Frequently:

Do not touch your face with hands or particles like a phone that collects your skin residue. This may lead to the spreading of bacteria that causes inflammation of pores. Therefore, ensure to wash your hands thoroughly before applying any type of skincare products. Avoid the habit of frequently touching the skin as it may transfer the harmful germs into the face triggering acne. Make a habit of washing your hands regularly throughout the day.

5. Keep Your Face Accessories Clean:

If you have the habit of wearing sunglasses, then ensure to keep them clean. Oil may be clogging from pores surrounding the nose and eye area which may be residue on these elements aggravating the acne.

6. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing When You Breakout:

Do not wear tight clothes if you have active acne outbreaks. They will not allow the skin to breathe clearly and may lead to irritation. Wash your cap, scarf, and headbands to clear the dirt and accumulated oil.

7. Choose Good Skincare Products: 

Ensure to buy good make up products that suit your skin. There are few oil-free and acne-free products available in the market. Dispose of any products that smell weird or have changed color.

8. Do Not Sleep with Makeup On: 

Sleeping with makeup is a bad habit for your skin health. Not only it will keep the pores blocked throughout the night but it may also provoke breakouts. Ensure to remove the makeup and wash your face thoroughly before you sleep every day. Give some time for your skin to breathe easily and get ready for the next day.

9. Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face:

Ensure to keep your hair clean and avoid it from falling over your face. It may lead to the accumulation of oil that may block the pores.

10. Stay Away From the Sun:

Some people are of the assumption that a suntan can mask their acne. But it may aggravate the condition. As tan will be temporary, it will even damage the skin leading to wrinkles and other skin issues.

11. Sunscreen is a Must:

If you are going to the sun, then apply sunscreen that has good reviews at a high SPF factor even if the sun is not out completely. If you are a regular swimmer or sweat a lot, then reapply them at regular intervals to ensure safety. An efficient sunscreen must block both UVB and UVA sun rays. Take care to buy sunscreen that includes factors such as acne-free, oil-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen, or UVA protection in addition to high SPF value.

12. Stay Away from High Glycaemic Foods:

High glycaemic foods often cause variations in body hormones. Consuming them in larger quantities can lead to changes in those hormones that cause greater oil production and inflammation of the skin. Along with causing a risk to other health factors, high glycaemic foods may lead to enhanced acne breakouts. They have proved to increase blood sugar levels when compared to low glycaemic foods such as legumes, lentils, and fibrous vegetables. It is important to consult a skin specialist and a dietician to get the best diet for your acne and skin type.

13. Choose Hair Products Carefully: 

Hair products have high chances of increasing or causing the acne issue. If your hair type is oily, then wash them regularly to eliminate clogged pores. Ensure that your hair products such as gels or hairspray never come in contact with the face as the chemicals used may not suitable for your skin. Ensure to clean your face, neck, chest, and back regions after washing your hair with shampoo or conditioners. This will guarantee to avoid clogging of pores from the contact of those products.

14. Don’t Share Your Skincare Products:

Never share your skincare products like toothbrushes, lip balms, make-up kits, or water bottles with people who have cold sores on their lips. It is caused by a virus that is transmitted via mouth and nose.

15. Hydrate From In and Out:

Select skincare products that contain skin hydrating formulas in them. Drink a sufficient quantity of water every day to cleanse the skin from inside.

Bottom Line:

If you’re confused with the usage of acne cleansing facial vs classic facial for including your skincare regime, contact RSkinBar aesthetic center. With high experience and skill in aesthetics, Dr. Rosy Sandhu and her team will provide precise treatments for all your skin issues and offer effective results.

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